Experience fast, scalable, and
reliable SMTP & API

Upgrade your emails with scalable infrastructure, blazing-fast delivery, and comprehensive tracking. Redefine email communication with Kasplo SMTP/API.

Email infrastructure

Increase your email outreach with a flexible and reliable setup. No need to worry about scaling email volumes ; our infrastructure adjusts to your email flow, handling sudden spikes without a problem. It’s fast, adaptable, and always hits the mark.

High throttle capacity

Our system adapts seamlessly to your growing sending needs, ensuring personalized communication while managing sudden surges. With Kasplo, you can effortlessly reach millions of recipients, making your email campaigns efficient and hassle-free.

Inbox & competitive tracker

Let’s be a bit clever and stay ahead of your email competition! With Kasplo’s Inbox & Competitive Tracker, you can see what your competitors are up to. It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about being one step ahead in the email game.

Increase conversions with AMP emails

Encourage users to browse and shop directly from your email. Display multiple products with captivating visuals, enabling customers to add items to their cart and make purchases without exiting the email.

Seamless integration and enhanced inbox placement

Explore the success of our happy clients

How uFaber doubled their conversions with superior inboxing in Gmail?

Learn how Kapiva achieved better in-boxing and higher ROI through Kasplo’s managed services

Learn how Unocoin witnessed 24X more inbox placement and 10X growth in open rate.

Gmail inboxing reaches 94%, leading to a surge in revenue conversion for FabAlley

Take your email game to new heights

Fuel your messaging potential with superior email deliverability. Let’s craft impactful and engaging emails together.

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