Give your products the social proof
they deserve

Amplify customers’ voices with reviews and UGC (user generated content) to showcase your brand’s value and attract new shoppers organically.

Turn every purchase into valuable feedback

Leverage Kasplo’s Reviews & UGC to streamline the review process for your customers and capture valuable insights to elevate your brand.

Email requests

Reach customers conveniently through their emails and collect unlimited product reviews.

Reviews prompts

Guide customers towards providing high- quality and actionable reviews that address conversion-driven topics.

Enhanced questions

Gather unique customer insights beyond basic reviews with tailored questions that cater to your specific needs.

Enrich customer experience

Site reviews

Encourage customers to leave comprehensive reviews directly on your website, improving convenience and engagement.

Photo & video requests

Allow customers to share their experiences through images and videos, boosting the authenticity and impact of their reviews on your products.

Product Q&A

Give your customers the opportunity to find answers and ask questions within your community.

Maximize visibility and conversions with
strategic marketing

We share your reviews with industry leaders like Google to expand the reach of every review and drive increased website traffic through organic marketing strategies.

Boost organic discovery

Google rich snippets

Showcase key review insights directly in search engine results pages (SERPs), attracting potential customers with rich snippets that enhance visibility.

Improved SEO ranking

Optimize your website’s SEO performance through integrated review content, increasing organic traffic without additional advertising costs.

Effortless integrations: Connect & grow

Simply integrate Kasplo reviews with your existing email marketing platform in one click and incorporate compelling customer reviews into your email campaigns.

Boost engagement & conversions

Automated review injection

Showcase relevant and timely customer reviews in your emails, increasing click-through rates.

Reduced cart abandonment

Address potential customer concerns with authentic reviews, fostering trust and reducing cart abandonment rates.

Personalized touch

Personalize your email communication by integrating customer-specific reviews and testimonials, creating a more engaging experience.

Connect Kasplo to the stores you love

Unlock the power of your customers’s voices

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