Learn how Unocoin witnessed 24X more inbox placement and 10X growth in open rate.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

About Unocoin

Bring Crypto to Billions

Founded in July 2013, Unocoin was India’s first entrant in the bitcoin space. Unocoin has transformed into one of the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum platform in recent times. In order to provide better services, many other components were added to their ecosystem.

Business challenge

Unocoin was facing issues with inbox placements and creative assistances. They were on the lookout for managed services who could help them in overcoming the deliverability issues & higher user retention.

Kasplo solution

Kasplo’s deliverability experts were able to draw a strategic planning which focused on resolving the inbox placement issues. With the managed services and real time in-box monitoring, on point segmentations and building attractive and responsive creatives with the relevant content helped in maintaining a better customer retention & higher in-box ratio.

Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO


We have been working with the kasplo team for a year now, and the main focus I would like to highlight is the inboxing where we were so frustrated by the performance given by other vendors but now it’s been a year working with the kasplo team they have provided not only good in-boxing but excellent support, kudos to the entire kasplo team!

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