Learn how Kapiva achieved better in-boxing and higher ROI through Kasplo's managed services


Kapiva’s in-box ratio before the partnership with Kasplo.


uplifted the in-boxing by Kasplo in 45 days

Kapiva –Ka meaning Kapha, Pi meaning Pita and Va means Vaat.

Kapiva tri-dosha synergy is an ever growing family of Ayurvedic experts, nutritionist, food scientists and curious minds like you. It was started in the year 2016 and has an honorable mention by our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in Mann Ki Baat on 27th March 2022  

Business challenge

Kapiva was looking at ways to uplift its In-boxing, performance, and current customer engagements and was on the lookout for managed services and data-driven solutions to power its email marketing solutions.

Kasplo solution

The team helped the brand streamline, schedule and targeting of email campaigns to customers by setting up multiple segments based on their preferred time and product. This resulted in better customer engagement and ROI. Kasplo team introduced managed services with a dedicated campaign and account manager who paved the way to hassle-free implementation of the best in terms of emailing strategy, analysis, monitoring, inbox placement, optimization, automation, personalization, deliverability etc which resulted in high in-boxing with 2X jump in terms of open rates and the engagement by the users is an all-time high for Kapiva. 

Nagesh H V, Manager D2C CRM


We were facing issues with inboxing before onboarding Kasplo. Kasplo has now helped us immensely in solving this issue and we are seeing almost 2X jump in terms of open rates and the engagement by the users is all time high for us. Their support team is highly responsive and act proactively on most of the days helping us solve any sort of issues real time. Hats off to the entire team.

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