Know how Surat Diamond achieved a 90% uplift in Gmail inbox placement.


Surat Diamond average in-box performance for Gmail before the association with Kasplo.


Surat Diamond average in-box performance for Gmail after the association with Kasplo.

About Surat Diamond

Surat Diamond Jewellery is managed by the 3rd generation of a diamantaire family. Their quality and attention-to-detail ensures that generation after generation of customers has a relationship with diamonds. Today, their brand has a captive Internet and Mail Order audience.

Today, Surat Diamond Jewellery is featured across leading e-commerce and auction sites in the US, UK, Australia and India. They are now an Internet brand and their jewellery is shipped all over the world.

Business challenge

Surat Diamond was majorly concerned about its in-box placement. Their team was on the lookout of deliverability consultant and managed services, who would not only bring an impact on inbox placements but also on higher click rates and conversions. 

Kasplo solution

Kasplo’s deliverability consultant analyzed the root cause for poor in-box performance and came up with best practices such as email authentications, better subject lines and responsive templates, made the domain reputation stable. Kasplo team also activated the data using segmentation. Kasplo’s autoresponders helped in creating a better customer journey which resulted in higher user retention.


Rajiv Mehta, CEO

Surat Diamond

It has been quite an amazing journey with team Kasplo where they brought the best in class solution for our in-boxing challenges and have been immensely supportive in terms of managed services Hats off to the entire team!

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