How to import reviews into the
Kasplo reviews app?

You will learn:

Switching to Kasplo doesn’t mean losing your existing reviews. You can import and display all your existing site and product reviews in your Kasplo reviews platform.

Step 1: Export reviews from your previous platform

Export them from your previous platform as a CSV file. Make sure the exported file matches the format of the sample CSV file given below.

Click here to download the sample file.

Step 2: Importing reviews into Kasplo

Follow these steps to import reviews from the CSV file into the Kasplo reviews.

  • From the Kasplo reviews dashboard go to “Settings”
  • Select “Import reviews”
  • On the choose the import review type dropdown select “Review”
  • Click on “Browse” to upload the CSV file
  • Click on “Import file”

Once the import process is successful, the imported reviews will appear in the moderation section. From there, you can choose to publish or reject reviews according to your preference. 

Note: For reviews with “Approved” or “Rejected” in the status column of your CSV, they’ll be automatically placed in the corresponding bucket.

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