How to collect site reviews
using Kasplo reviews?

You will learn:

Learn how to collect customer feedback for your store and share positive reviews with your audience.

Step 1: Accessing the reviews option on the site

  • After connecting your eCommerce store with Kasplo reviews, customers can view the reviews icon on your store.
  • Clicking the reviews icon opens a widget where you can see your existing reviews collected on your store.

Step 2: Writing and submitting reviews

By clicking “Write A Review” customers can rate the site, share their thoughts, and submit their feedback.

Step 3: Review moderation

You’ll receive the submitted feedback on the Kasplo reviews dashboard. legitimate reviews can be published, while others can be rejected.

Step 4: Commenting on reviews

As the owner, you can reply back to the customer review by leaving comments and addressing feedback publicly or privately.

Step 5: Managing reviews

Regularly monitor and manage reviews to maintain quality and address customer concerns effectively.

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