Gmail inboxing reaches 94%, leading to a surge in revenue conversion for FabAlley


FabAlley witnessed an open rate of 37% with the help of Kasplo’s managed services.

Business challenge:

The challenge faced by FabAlley was to improve its email marketing campaign’s performance and increase its revenue conversion rate. The company was struggling to achieve a high inboxing rate with Gmail, which was affecting its email deliverability and overall campaign effectiveness. This posed a challenge for FabAlley to reach its target audience and drive more sales through email marketing.

Kasplo solution

Kasplo’s deliverability experts understand that ensuring successful email delivery is critical to any email marketing campaign’s success. During the warm-up phase, they first evaluated and worked on maintaining a stable domain and IP reputation by targeting the right set of databases. They ensured that emails were sent from trusted and reliable sources, which helped improve the email delivery rates. By monitoring the email delivery rates and metrics, they were able to take corrective measures in real-time to maintain the desired domain and IP reputation. Additionally, they also worked on improving the creative elements of the emails, such as subject lines, to increase open rates and customer engagement.

Kavish Arora

Retention Marketing Manager

We’ve been using Kasplo’s managed services for a few months now and we’re extremely impressed with the results. Our inbox placement has significantly improved, resulting in higher open rates and engagement from our customers. Their team is responsive and provides valuable insights and suggestions for improving our email campaigns. “We are grateful for Kasplo’s end-to-end managed services, which have significantly improved our email marketing performance. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always available to answer any questions or concerns we have. We have seen a remarkable increase in our email engagement working with Kasplo. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to our success. Regards,

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